Computers and Writing 2017

June 1-4, The University of Findlay
Our theme for the 2017 Computers and Writing conference is Techne: Creating Spaces of Wonder.

With this theme, we ask you to draw on the multiple conceptualizations and articulations of techne through exploration of practices that inform craft, art, and disciplinary trends - both in pedagogy and scholarship. In particular, we invite proposals that emphasize the interplay of multimodal spaces (physical and digital) and how composing in these environments creates opportunities for wondering (potential, curiosity, and reflection) and wonder (awe, interest, and marvel). Proposals may also consider ways that physical and digital multimodality may limit or misappropriate the role of wonder(ing) in composing.

Find out more in the Call for Proposals and check out the Schedule Outline and Full Schedule to help plan your travel. Register here for the conference. Check out the Accessibility Guide and contact Elkie Burnside, for additional information.

Keynote: Dr. Susan Delagrange

Susan H. Delagrange is an Associate Professor of English in the Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy Program at The Ohio State University at Mansfield, where she also serves as Assistant Dean. Dr. Delagrange’s research focuses on digital media and visual and feminist rhetoric. She has contributed multiple articles to the digital journal Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, and in 2010 she won the Kairos Best Web Text Award for her article “Wunderkammer, Cornell, and the Visual Canon of Arrangement,” in which she illustrates how inquiry and argument change in the nonlinear environment of digital media. Her most recent book, Technologies of... more

Keynote 1: Dr. James Porter

James E. Porter is a Professor in the Department of English and the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies at Miami University, where he has served as Director of Composition and as Director of the English language program for international students. At Miami he teaches courses in rhetoric theory and history, digital media ethics, interactive business communication, and data visualization. Porter’s research focuses on rhetoric, ethics, and professional communication. He is the author of Audience and Rhetoric (1992), as well as several books on digital rhetoric, including The Ethics of Internet Research(2009), written with his colleague and partner Heidi McKee. He and McKee... more

Keynote: Mr. Will Hillenbrand

Will Hillenbrand is a celebrated author and illustrator whose published works include over sixty books for young readers. In addition to his own self-illustrated titles, he has illustrated the works of writers and retellers including Verna Aardema, Judy Sierra, Margery Cuyler, Judith St. George, Phyllis Root, Jane Yolen, Karma Wilson, Maureen Wright, Daniel Pinkwater, Olivier Dunrea, and Jane Hillenbrand. In his work, Will uses a combination of traditional drawing methods and digital media, which creates images of art that are much closer to the way they would look in print, thus blurring the line between art and craft and exemplifying the concept of techne. Will has lived almost all of... more

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