How To Invest My Money For Retirement?

As of 1997, the retirement pension system was reformed; now, you have an individual account with several subaccounts instead of doing seniority in your job.

The pension you will receive will depend on your savings in your retirement savings subaccount, and to use these funds in your retirement, you need at least 1,250 weeks of contributions, equivalent to 24 years of service.

To increase the funds in your account, you can make voluntary contributions. Still, the reality is that the return you could obtain is very low compared to other investment instruments, so you would be better off investing your money elsewhere.

Investment Land

Perhaps the investment method can give you the best returns in the short term. These properties are generally found within real estate developments located in high-growth areas, either near the city or the beach.

Now you will ask yourself, why is it the best method for my investment?

  • You are acquiring land, the only real estate that is always increasing.
  • You are acquiring it at a very low price; of course, you have to consider the amount because most do not have services.
  • It has incredible profitability since you acquire it at a fixed price, and they provide you with interest-free financing within the organization. This means you do not have to take out a mortgage or bank loan to pay your land with comfortable monthly payments.
  • The land at the time it is already deeded in your name, you can decide between several options as you consider:
  • Sell ​​it at the time you write it already with a higher cost after the financing provided by the organization.
  • Let its value grow much more and then resell it in a few years and get the most out of this investment.
  • Create a heritage, build a rest house or live.
  • Create a business taking advantage of the fact that you are in a development that will be populated in the future.

Land and real estate

Investing in real estate will always be a good business for those who know how and where to do it.

A property, or perhaps several, depending on your capital, is an alternative to make your money grow and secure your future.

Buying a property is a safe way to protect your money and make it grow. Although, it is not as simple as it seems since you must require a strong investment to achieve it, and this investment can be your capital or a mortgage loan.

When you acquire an investment commitment of this magnitude, you assume to face all the obligations and deadlines that the buying/selling real estate implies, such as the payments of taxes and services, credits, notarial services, and other expenses during the process.

If you decide to invest your money in real estate, such as properties and land, you can obtain some of the following benefits.

  • You will have security and flexibility in the future.
  • You will protect your finances and your future in the event of an economic or personal emergency.
  • You will enjoy the flexibility to build different projects and continue to increase your capital and income capacity
  • A property is considered a long-term financial guarantee if you need credit, mortgages, or retirement.
  • The return on investment rises.


Cryptocurrencies are digital assets and are, as the name implies, digital currencies; the best known for their value is Bitcoin, but there are many others. They are gaining recognition since some businesses already accept payments with these virtual currencies, and it is clear why their price is very volatile.

When investing in these currencies, it is important to remember that they are not regulated by any bank or government organization. The value depends entirely on the currency type, so investing is risky and not recommended for beginners.

Stock Exchange

Like the previous one, this investment method is not recommended for beginners since a lot of learning is needed to identify the various factors by which the statistics of the companies increase or decrease.

Today various platforms will help you learn about the fluctuations that companies have. These will teach you to know when it is advisable to buy and when to sell. Be careful, and you have to take into account that the growth of your money depends directly on many factors:

  • How is the country economically, socially, and politically?
  • General negative news.
  • Currency depreciation.
  • High unemployment figures.
  • Among many others.

If you are a beginner, we do not recommend investing in shares with many fluctuations; on the other hand, several recognized companies with fixed growth represent less risk when purchasing their shares, even if the prices are higher.