When You Find a Great Meme to Post for Your Assignment: Tumblr as a Multimodal Writing and Community Space in the Composition Classroom

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This workshop will examine Tumblr as a space of wonder: a social media application through which students can explore writing and research, various rhetorical situations, and community building in ways that encourage a bridging of literacies inside and outside the composition classroom. Workshop leaders will outline two different assignments using Tumblr— one short term and one over the course of a semester — and show examples of student work in their classes to demonstrate how social media can be not only a tool for writing, but more importantly a part of the process. Attendees will actively engage with workshop leaders and other participants on a group Tumblr site created for the workshop. For the majority of the workshop, attendees will work to design a learning space on their own Tumblr site as well as a Tumblr-connected assignment they plan to teach. Such work will provide attendees a tangible and transferrable outcome of the workshop. Ultimately, this workshop models ways to work with social media as spaces that engage students in writing, researching, and learning within a supportive community setting.

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GFAP 110
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Half-day Morning Workshop